Bryan Shuel

Growing up with a dad that owned a meat company, one of Bryan’s favorite things to do was to get to go to work with his dad Ray on Sundays. As a young boy Bryan felt lucky getting to make carryout boxes, change sawdust underneath the cutting blocks, sweep floors, take out the trash, and just spend the day with his dad.

At the age of 13 Bryan began the start of his official employment at Ray’s Wholesale Meats. Earning $2.90 an hour he worked on weekend’s holidays, school breaks, and summer vacations in the production facility on the ground beef line stuffing bulk hamburger and running the patty machine. He also learned how to drive forklifts, rotate freezer product, and clean the production facility, until the age of seventeen. From that point he steadily increased his worked hours and was working forty hours per week while still going to high school.  The first fall season after he graduated he learned and worked in the custom retail area of Ray’s cutting and wrapping locker beef.

In January 1987 Ray sold the retail side of the business to the shipping/receiving manager at that time. Bryan then replaced the position as the new manager of shipping and receiving. He worked on the shipping floor for 10 years checking in and unloading trucks, rotating blast and freezer products, pulling orders, loading trucks for delivery and helping customers. He was also learning about purchasing product. In 1995 Bryan married Tracie (Pettijohn) and a couple of years later they started a family with two daughters. In 1999 Bryan was promoted to Plant Manager and continued learning the business. In 2007 Bryan and his wife Tracie bought the company from Ray and Dolores when they retired. Today Bryan is the president of the company.


Jack LR     Jack Bixler

Jack started working for Ray’s in 1971 as a meat cutter for 7 years. He then moved to working in the sales department for 5 years, and currently is the controller in the accounting department. Jack’s job includes running financial reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and pay roll for all of our employees.


Jimmy LR     Jim Laurent  

Jim started at Ray’s in 2005 as a director of food service; he worked on putting programs together for the food service side of the business and purchasing department. In 2012 Jim was promoted to general manager. His responsibilities are to report to the president and put his goals and requests into action, as well as overseeing managers of other departments in the company such as sales, production, and shipping/receiving.


Doug LR     Doug Hay

 Doug started working for Ray’s in 1990, in the sales department.  He was promoted and has been our company’s sales manager since 1992.


Mike LR     Mike Menard

Mike was hired in 1981 and started out in Ray’s production facility at the utility level. He then completed a three year apprenticeship program earning a journeyman meat cutters card. Twelve years later he moved to the sales department covering the Seattle area for ten years. Now for the past twelve years Mike has managed thirty distributors, from Alaska to southern Oregon, and is a part of Ray’s purchasing team.


Jeff LR     Jeff Ashbaugh

Jeff started at Rays in 1986 cleaning up around the plant. He then relocated to the shipping/receiving department, consisting of stocking freezers and pulling product for orders. A few years later Jeff started assembling and learning the routes, and became a full time driver. Then in 1998 he was promoted to being a sales representative for the tri-cities area. Today that route has grown adding the Walla Walla and Hermiston area and along the Columbia to the Dalles.


Roger LR     Roger Guzman

Roger was hired at Ray’s in 1990. He started out being part of the utility crew in the production facility, and eventually became a journeyman meat cutter. After nine years he moved to shipping and receiving, and delivering locally in town and eventually took over the Basin route. After six years, he applied for a sales position and has been in sales for the last ten years. Today Roger is a sales representative for the Wenatchee, Moses Lake area, and north central Washington.


Sheila LR     Sheila Ryan

Sheila started at Rays in 1992 in the production facility running the multi-vac machine and filled in for other areas as needed in the production facility. In 1998 she began working in the office helping customers at the front counter as well as making sales calls when salesman weren’t available and filled in for office personnel. Ten years later in 2008, Sheila took the job as a sales representative in the Lower Valley. Her sales route consists of the entire Lower Yakima Valley area.


Tami Jo LR     Tamijo Pillow

Tamijo was hired at Ray’s in 2013 as a sales representative. She covers the Ellensburg, Cle-Elem, Roslyn, Seattle and Easton area supplying our customers with the best products and service.


Robert LR     Robert Raciot

Robert started working at Ray’s in 2014 in the sales department. He works with distributers and has been a big part in promoting Ray’s Meats new breaded Chicken fried steak line.  Robert also help’s with securing marketing programs for our company and our customers.


Larry LR     Larry Beggs

Larry began working at Ray’s in 1991 starting out as a route delivery driver for the first 9 years before he assumed his current position as the shipping and receiving manager. He oversees the assembling and loading of products for delivery and also the receiving of products into stock. He is also involved in the purchasing of fresh and frozen products for production and direct sales.


    Rob Belzer

Rob started at Ray’s in 2016 as our Production Manager. Rob is in charge of the production side of the company. He manages a crew of 20 making sure product is being processed to fill orders for customers.


Carlie LR  Carlie Shuel

Carlie started at Ray’s in 2013 working in production, packaging product and filled in where otherwise needed in the production facility. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Business Management and works in our front office while going to school.  In the front office Carlie helps our valued customers, markets our newest products, accounts payable’s,  and updates our company website and social media pages as well as keeping inventory throughout our facility.

  Jennifer Leslie

Jenn started at Ray’s in 2016. She works at the front desk as an office assistant.  Her job involves greeting our walk-in customer’s and answering the phones, as well as processing pick up orders. Jenn also covers sales calls when a representative is gone, and help’s out in the office area with other task as needed.

Our Sales Team

Sales Team LR

(Left to Right)

Sheila Ryan, Tami Jo Pillow, Mike Menard, Doug Hay, Jeff Ashbaugh, Roger Guzman

Shipping and Receiving Crew



Our Production Team

Production Crew LR