This Ray in front of a Buck's Wholesale Meat truck, one of his first jobs before starting Ray's Meats

Ray in front of a Buck’s Wholesale Meat truck, one of his first jobs before starting Ray’s Meats in 1958

Ray’s Wholesale Meats was started by Ray Shuel in 1958. Ray started out having a paper route, and at the age of sixteen he had saved enough money to purchase some land. He then worked at a retail grocery store and later got a job working at Bucks Wholesale Meats. By the age of 21 Ray was able to start construction and open up his own local meat company Ray’s Retail Meats with only a few employees. He then advanced to building a wholesale production area having several salesmen, a production crew, and office personnel.

During this time in 1965, Ray married Dolores Edwards and started a family of three children. At this time things were going well for Ray’s Meats as it continued to grow until December 27th, 1976 when the company took a major setback. The new Wholesale/Production building caught fire and had severe fire and smoke damage. To keep the company alive within two days Ray rented two facilities’ which they worked out of while the Wholesale building was being reconstructed, also adding on to the building to make a bigger shipping warehouse and office area.

Ray's Meats 1958

 Ray’s Meats 1958

In December of 1986, Ray and Dolores decided to sell the original retail building to concentrate on the wholesale side of the business. As the company grew, a major remodel was started in 2002 by doubling the production and cooler space and loading dock area. R & R Retail Meats bought the building and still uses the name Ray’s Retail Meats to this day.

Ray and Dolores’s son, Bryan worked alongside his dad since he was thirteen years old. He immediately took interest, and worked his way up to now owning the company. Bryan and his wife Tracie bought the business from Ray and Dolores in March of 2007 when they retired. Within the last 10 years Ray’s Wholesale Meats has grown immensely now having over 50 employees. The company has continued to add other items, and has become a full line distributor in the food service business selling an array of dry good items. With automating equipment in the production area Rays Meats has continued to improve the quality and service, providing only the best to their customers.

         Founder Ray Shuel and wife Delores Shuel

            Founder Ray Shuel and wife Dolores